Collection: Birds of Fire Islands

Cherry Grove is a happy place on Fire Island, a sandbar off the coast of Long Island, NY, where I am regularly spend my summers. It is known for its permissiveness and LGBTQ community, wild parties and drag queens. All this is embedded in a beautiful and unique marine nature that fascinates and inspires me every day. Omnipresent are the birds, which seem to me less shy here than elsewhere. In the spruces behind the house, when the dawn wakes me up early in the morning, on the endless beach, during long walks with my feet in the water, in the unique Sunken Forest, which provides cooling shade for a run or on the balcony while working. Birdsong is always heard and there is always a bird fluttering, flying or sailing  through the air. For me as a bird lover, this is a nice enrichment of the already beautiful days here. Thus, the idea arose to work out a series of pictures, with just these birds by which I am surrounded here.

The works are executed like I would have done it to make screen prints, with a reduced color palette and dot grid to show gradients. Each image shows, besides of the bird, a section of its habitat on Fire Island, taken during my stays here. And of course the geometric element may not be missing, as a reminder to let the beauty into one’s own life and to integrate it into your life planning.